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Explore below the many scholarship opportunities for Medical School students.

Internal scholarships are generally awarded as a result of a student’s initial financial aid application and are renewed each year for the same amount unless otherwise specified. The vast majority of scholarships will be awarded to students using an institutional methodology based on a combination of need and merit. Students will be considered eligible once the FAFSA is complete (including parent information), along with the Non-Custodial Parent Application if your parents are divorced, separated, never married or unmarried and living together. For additional information regarding the application process, please review the Applying for Aid section of our website.

Students are encouraged to explore external (outside) scholarship opportunities. These opportunities often require a separate application and are not administered by the Office of Student Finance or Hofstra University. It is important to note that in addition to independent application processes, deadlines also vary.

A non-exhaustive list of external scholarship opportunities are below:

Outside Scholarship Recipient Instructions

Scholarships received from an outside source such as a community group, business or other organization must be accounted as part of your financial aid package.  If you are to receive an outside scholarship, please inform the Office of Student Finance at Zucker School of Medicine. 

The student’s full name and Hofstra student ID must be included on the check and any special instructions for disbursement (i.e., applied to tuition only; applied to fall semester only, etc.) must accompany the check.

Checks are to be made payable to Hofstra University and are to be mailed directly to:

Hofstra University 
126 Hofstra University
Memorial Hall Room 205
Hempstead, NY 11549

All outside scholarships supplement the Zucker School of Medicine scholarship as long as all sources do not exceed the cost of tuition (if the outside scholarship is to be applied to tuition only) and/or the cost of attendance. If combined tuition only scholarships exceed tuition, the Zucker School of Medicine scholarship will be reduced. If combined financial aid awards exceed the cost of attendance, federal loans will be reduced dollar for dollar first, in this order; Graduate PLUS loan, Unsubsidized loan.

Three branches of the United States Armed Forces offer scholarship opportunities for medical students (as well as students of other health professions).  These scholarships require a service commitment.  Please visit the websites below for detailed information: