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Internal Sources

The vast majority of scholarships will be awarded to students based on a combination of need and merit.  Each application will be evaluated using an institutional methodology designed to determine level of need.  Students will be considered eligible once the FAFSA is complete (including parent information) along with the Non-Custodial Parent Financial Aid Application, if applicable.  For additional information regarding the application process, please review the Applying for Aid section of our website.

External Sources

Students are encouraged to explore external scholarship opportunities.  The opportunities often require a separate application and are not administered through the Office of Student Finance or Hofstra University.  It is important to note that in addition to independent application processes, deadlines also vary.  Please click below for full details:

Scholarship Search Engines

Military Service Opportunities

Three branches of the United States Armed Forces offer scholarship opportunities for medical students (as well as students of other health professions).  These scholarships require a service commitment.  Please visit the websites below for detailed information:

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