About one45

One45 a web-based curriculum management system used by the Zucker School of Medicine’s students, faculty, residents and program administrators in conjunction with Canvas. One45 hosts shared curricular materials, course calendars, evaluations, patient logs and more. Students are able to retrieve an individualized course calendar through their mobile device or other calendar services.

Click on guides below to help you use the features within one45, including answers to the most frequently asked questions.

More FAQs

  • Visit My Hofstra Portal - - and enter your Hofstra login credentials.
  • Once logged in, visit the ‘My Apps’ section of the portal homepage.
  • Click on the one45 icon  found in ‘My Apps’ to open the web platform
  • If you have received a One45 evaluation to complete and do not have a My Hofstra Portal login, you may access your One45 profile directly by visiting,, then clicking on the Login button on the right.
  • On the login page, please enter your one45 login information and click login. 




  • If you have forgotten your login details, click on “Need help logging in?”, then enter your email address for further one45 password instructions. 
  • If you are encountering issues with logging in please email the School of Medicine’s IT team by emailing

You may also contact the School of Medicine's Office of Curriculum Support and Assessment Hotline, 516-463-7575 for assistance.

One45 provides support for the following calendaring tools and devices:

Android devices
Apple devices
Google Calendar
Microsoft Outlook (desktop application) (web application)

Please visit One45’s support page on how to subscribe to a One45 calendar

At this time, there is no one45 app available in Apple or Android app stores. However, you may access a mobile-friendly version of one45 through your mobile web browser to quickly complete tasks, handouts & links, complete procedure log forms, and view evaluations completed.

If you have questions about One45 evaluations or patient logs, please contact the Office of Curriculum support via email

If you encounter any login issues with one45, please email