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Policy on Attendance in the Second 100 Weeks

At the Zucker School of Medicine, students are expected to attend all educational activities. Students should refer to the academic calendar on the school's website and course schedules in one45 before planning any travel.

Absences due to Illness

In the event of acute illness, any absence must be reported to the Office of Student Affairs in advance of the start of the activity and as soon as possible. In the case of acute illness during a Reflection, Integration, and Assessment (RIA) week, the student should use the on-call phone to report the absence, and also complete the Absence Reporting Form. For an absence due to acute illness at any other time, the student should complete the Absence Reporting Form, and notify his or her team or supervisor, the discipline-specific ACE/AI/Selective/Elective Director, and his or her ACE Continuity Clinic Preceptor, if the absence will affect a scheduled ACE Continuity Clinic session. The school may require a doctor's note for absences due to acute illness.

All Other Absences

In all other instances (including religious observances), students must request approval in advance and in writing for ANY missed days from the discipline-specific ACE Director/AI Director/Selective or Elective Director, who will also determine the need to make up time. The request is not considered approved until receipt of an affirmative response. In addition, the student is responsible for notifying his or her team or supervisor as well as the Office of Student Affairs via the Absence Reporting Form.

Religious Observances

In accordance with New York State Law, each student who is absent because of his or her religious beliefs will be given an equivalent opportunity to register for classes or make up any examination, study or work requirements which he or she may have missed because of that absence on any particular day or days. No student shall be expelled or refused admission to the School of Medicine because he or she is unable to participate in any examination, study or work requirement because of his or her religious obligations and practices.


Failure to follow this policy or procedure may result in negative consequences, including but not limited to:

  • the requirement to make up missed time;
  • lowering of grade or failure of the clerkship;
  • reference in the Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE);
  • ineligibility for conference scholarships;
  • ineligibility for Alpha Omega Alpha, Gold Humanism Society, or departmental graduation awards;
  • removal from a leadership role(s); or
  • the filing of a complaint of breach of professionalism, with its attendant processes and consequences.

References to Regulations and/or Other Related Policies:
Guidelines Related to Absences for Religious Observances

Last Updated: May 2019

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