Policy on the Composition and Authority of the Student Advancement Committee

The Student Advancement Committee (SAC) is a standing committee of the faculty that reviews the academic and professional progress of all students, recommends students for advancement to the next level of training, and decides appropriate action for students earning one or more academic or technical deficiencies. Deficiencies are cumulative and are not category dependent. 

The SAC consists of at-large faculty members, selected by the Faculty Council and approved by the Dean. The Associate Dean for Student Affairs serves as a non-voting member of the SAC, in support of the students. The chair is appointed by the Dean. The Dean's Office may provide member(s) who are ex- officio, non-voting members of the Committee. 

Terms for members are three years with the option to renew for an additional three years. 

A quorum shall consist of at least nine voting committee members. 

Members of the SAC must recuse themselves from the presentation, deliberation, and vote about a student with whom they have a conflict of interest, as defined in the Policy on Educational Conflicts of Interest and Recusal.

SAC meetings are closed, except for invitees. All deliberations are confidential. 

The Chair of the SAC must convey, in writing, the committee's recommendations to the Vice Dean who will render a decision and notify the student. 

A student has the right to appeal the decision of the Vice Dean with regard to an adverse action relating to advancement, graduation, or dismissal.

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