Policy on Selectives and Electives

Selectives are electives chosen from a group of approved specialty and sub-specialty rotations within Northwell Health.

Elective rotations may occur within Northwell Health or at other LCME-accredited institutions. Electives may also occur at non-LCME-accredited programs at other national and/or international locations but require special approval by a committee that includes the Assistant Dean for Clinical Preparation for Residency and Electives, the Associate Dean for Student Affairs, and the Office of Student Records.

Students are strongly encouraged to use at least half of their elective time in the final year of training to pursue a broad range of interests.

For information on advancement and graduation selective/elective requirements, please refer to the Policy on Academic Advancement and Graduation.

References to Regulations and/or Related Policies:
Policy on Academic Advancement and Graduation
LCME Element 6.5: Elective Opportunities


Last Updated: September 2021