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Professional and Social Organizations


  • Community Service Committee

    The Community Service Committee organizes service projects and events for our medical students to give back to our community. This includes everything from organizing teams and events for charity fundraisers like St. Baldrick's Day, Relay for Life, and Light the Night, to local projects like running a food drive for Island Harvest, participating in Solidarity Day, or teaching hand-washing and heart-healthy lifestyle tips to local elementary school students.


  • Student Run Free Clinic

    For information about the Student Run Free Clinic, visit their page here


  • New & Prospective Students Committee

    The New & Prospective Students Committee works closely with the Office of Admissions & Office of Student Affairs to provide support during the transition to medical school. Committee members are involved in recruiting diverse applicants, providing student perspectives during interview days and outreach to make sure all questions are answered. This committee plans Revisit Weekend, Orientation Week, supports interview days and coordinates a peer mentoring program. 


  • Commemoration Committee

    The Commemoration Committee is a committee that honors our anatomical donors, lovingly known to medical students as their ‘first patients.’ This committee plans an annual Anatomical Gift Memorial Service, in which students and faculty join donors' families and friends  at the University Club each spring at the end of the First 100 Weeks. Students express their gratitude through musical and literary performances while donors' families and friends share reflections of their loved ones.


  • Emergency Preparedness Committee

    The Emergency Preparedness Committee was founded in 2012 after Hurricane Sandy hit Long Island and the surrounding areas. The committee’s goal is to certify medical students in emergency preparedness and planning early in their medical career to enhance their knowledge and usefulness during disaster relief efforts. 


  • Houses Committee

    The Houses Committee is made up of one chair from each of the four Zucker School of Medicine Houses; Jenner, Walker, Fleming and Blackwell. Houses carry many of the social traditions of the medical school, including House Olympics, House Sorting, peer mentoring and a personality associated with each House. Students are often seen wearing apparel to show their House pride during the year. 


  • Social Committee

    The Social Committee runs school-wide social events during the year, including an annual Welcome Party, Halloween Party in NYC and a spring Formal. The committee is made up of a school-wide social chair and social chairs from the first, second, third and fourth year classes. 



  • AMA Chapter

    The American Medical Association (AMA) is a national organization of medical students, residents and physicians across different interests and specialties. Our organization is aimed at helping medical students with professional development, advocacy efforts, understanding medicine in politics and educational efforts. Past events include:

    1. Student Parliamentary Debate
    2. National biyearly conferences
    3. Speaker about medicine in the political landscape

    Affiliated organizations: AMA
    Student Leaders:

  • AMSA Chapter

    AMSA is a national organization that is entirely student run and focused on medical student development, advocacy efforts and service. Our chapter is focused on educating medical students and offering education on topics not traditionally covered in medical school. Past events include:

    1. HIV Global Health Event
    2. Medical Student-Premedical Student Panel

    Affiliated organizations: AMSA
    Student Leaders:
    Adviser: Dr. Joseph Cervia

  • Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association

    All are welcome, especially those interested in learning about health-related topics in Asian/Pacific American communities. Past events include:

    1. Lantern Festival
    2. Lunar New Year Festival

    Affiliated organizations: The Association of Chinese American Physicians
    Student Leaders:

  • Ethics Cafe
    The Ethics Cafe explores the multiple facets of medical ethics though student led discussion. We examine the ethical principles, morals and values that one will come across in the practice of medicine, as well as learn how to incorporate medical ethics in our future careers.
    We meet the first Wednesday of every month for Ethics Cafe meetings, where we discuss a clinical case and analyze the ethics involved in the chosen case. Each Ethics Cafe ends with a yes/no ethical dilemma related to the case, where each student is given the opportunity to decide their own answers to an ethical quandary.
    Student Leaders:
    Advisers: Dr. Samuel Packer, Dr. Fred Smith
  • Faces of Pathophysiology

    Faces of Pathophsyiology organizes events that shed light on the illnesses we study from the perspectives of the patients and their healthcare providers. Past events include: lunches with patients and providers.

    Student Leaders:
  • Hillel
    SOM Hillel is a branch of Hofstra's undergraduate Hillel community that was established to serve the SOM community. We aim to build and strengthen the school's Jewish community, and broader SOM community, by providing cultural, religious, educational, social, or social justice-related Jewish programming and events. Past events include:
    1. Holiday celebrations
    2. Interfaith panels about some topic in medicine/ethics/social justice

    Affiliated organizations: Hillel International
    Student Leaders:
    Advisers: Rabbi Dave Seigel

  • Interfaith
    The Interfaith Club hopes to be a platform to celebrate all of our unique faith traditions within the Hofstra SOM community. Past events include:
    1. Celebrating and learning about Hanukkah
    2. Holi Celebration
    3. Learning about Lent

    Student Leaders:

  • LMSA
    The Latino Medical Student Association unites and empowers medical students through service, mentorship and education to advocate for the health of the Latino community. Our objectives include to unify all Latino medical students into one organization, to provide a voice for underrepresented medical students, to actively promote recruitment and retention of Latino students at all levels, and to educate medical students on Latino health issues. We also strive as an organization to advocate for the rights of Latinos in health care, to provide leadership opportunities for Latinos, and to promote volunteerism in the Latino community. Past events include:
    1. Medical Spanish
    2. Guac off
    3. Salsa Night

    Affiliated organizations: Latino Medical Student Association
    Student Leaders:

  • Medical Students for Choice
    To spark discussion and advocacy surrounding abortion and reproductive justice, and to enrich reproductive health care curricula. Prospective events include:
    1. Dinner and a movie (Roe v. Wade and political atmosphere surrounding abortion)
    2. Condom Hunt with contraception facts
    3. Tour of Nassau County Planned Parenthood

    Affiliated organizations: Planned Parenthood, Medical Students For Choice
    Student Leaders:
    Advisers: Dr. Beth Schmidt

  • OUTmed
    OUTmed is our school's LGBT and Allies organization. We serve as a safe space for those who identify as LGBT and those who identify as allies to foster discussion about LGBT issues. We do have events with other affinity groups regarding more general questions about diversity, its importance in society and healthcare, and other such discussions. Past events include:
    1. New York City PRIDE march
    2. Tour Lenox Health Greenwich Village
    3. Various discussions with other affinity groups

    Student Leaders:

  • Student National Medical Association (SNMA)
    The Hofstra-Northwell chapter of SNMA is committed to serving our immediate community, bringing awareness to the campus about social and cultural issues, and supporting the needs of our underrespresented minority medical students to increase the number of clinically excellent, culturally competent and socially conscious physicians. Past events include:
    1. MAPS Day
    2. Diversity Night
    3. Various discussions with other affinity groups

    Student Leaders:


    • Academic Medicine Interest Group

      We strive to explore academic medicine and delve into the depths of curricular medicine. We examine careers in academic medicine, both alone and in conjunction with clinical medicine. Past events include:

      1. Discussion about teaching end-of-life care in the first 100 Weeks
      2. Panel of professionals in Academic Medicine
      3. Discussion with a physician author

      Student Leaders:
      Adviser: Dr. David Elkowitz

    • Anesthesia Interest Group
      We are dedicated to exploring the specialty of anesthesia. We regularly hold events where you can gain hands-on experience to multiple skills that anesthesiologists use on a regular basis. We also hold events for students to facilitate the process of making connections to anesthesiologists. Past events include:
      1. Hands-On Workshops
      2. Research and Clinical Panel Discussions

      Affiliated organizations: American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA)
      Student Leaders:

    • Dermatology Interest Group
      The Dermatology Interest Group is a professional interest group at Hofstra Northwell School of Medicine that aims to provide information, education, and experiences to students interested in pursuing the field of dermatology. The Dermatology Interest Group also aims to educate the local campus and community about prevalent dermatologic issues, particularly skin cancer and sun safety. Past events include:
      1. Annual Miles for Melanoma Walk
      2. Dermatology information session with residents and attendings
      3. How to take a skin biopsy

      Affiliated organizations: Dermatology Interest Group Association, Northwell Department of Dermatology, and Colette Coyne Melanoma Awareness Campaign
      Student Leaders:
      Advisers: Dr. Amit Garg, Dr. Jeanine Daly, Ms. Colette Coyne

    • Emergency Medicine Interest Group
      The purpose of EMIG is to enhance student exposure to emergency medicine and provide a meeting ground for students, residents, and faculty with a shared excitement for Emergency Medicine. We work to help students learn more about their field of interest, network students with similar interests, establish mutually beneficial relationships with other organizations and other medical student interest groups for emergency medicine. Past events include:
      1. Northeast Emergency Medicine Interest Group Symposium
      2. Diagnostic Dinners
      3. Ultrasound Guided peripheral IV placement

      Affiliated organizations: Emergency Medicine Residents' and Students' Association
      Student Leaders:
      Advisers: Dr. Gino Farina, Dr. Thomas Kwiatkowski

    • ENT Interest Group
      The purpose of the ENT club is to expose students to the field of ENT and provide opportunities to those interested in pursuing a career in ENT. Past events include:
      1. ENT guest lecturer

      Student Leaders:

    • Family Medicine Interest Group
      To foster interest in family medicine and promote the agenda of the national organization. Prospective events include:
      1. Family medicine in different communities panel/discussion
      2. Reproductive health/contraception panel
      3. Depression management panel discussion

      Affiliated organizations: American Academy of Family Physicians
      Student Leaders:
      Advisers: Dr. Iroku-Malize, Dr. Keber

    • Global Health Club
      The Global Health Club provides forums for discussion about current events in global health, inspire students to think about health problems beyond our borders, and motivate students to seek involvement in health work abroad. As a club, we aim to expand the global health opportunities for students and we are currently working with the administration to facilitate MS1 involvement in global health research projects abroad. Past events include:
      1. Zika Grand Rounds with Dr. Bruce Farber
      2. Dinner and Case Presentations with MS4s who did an elective in Uganda

      Student Leaders:

    • Healthcare Leadership
      Due to the current evolving climate around medicine, it is essential that physicians remain aware and involved in the changes taking place around them. The Healthcare Leadership Club aims to provide future physicians with an opportunity to learn about the many facets of the Healthcare Industry where physicians can impact from a leadership role. Some of our topic areas include: healthcare delivery, physician compensation, insurance developments, pharmaceutical relations, governmental policy, and entrepreneurship. Past events include:
      1. Prominent Guest Speakers from the Health System
      2. Visit to Healthcare Summits
      3. Lectures/discussions on relevant current event topics in healthcare

      Student Leaders:

    • Internal Medicine Coalition
      We are a group of interest groups within Internal Medicine that organize events dedicated to the promotion of internal medicine subspecialties, education of students about the practice of internal medicine, and fostering collaboration between internal medicine subspecialties.
      1. Subspecialty Speed Dating
      2. StepOne Trivia Night
      3. Auscultation Workshop

      Affiliated organizations: American College of Physicians
      Student Leaders:
      Advisers: Dr. Lauren Block

    • Critical Care Sub-specialty
      To organize events that will provide information for students who are interested in the critical care subspecialty. To provide means of communication between practicing physicians and students.
      Student Leaders:
    • Endocrinology Sub-specialty
      As a part of the larger Internal Medicine Committee, the Endocrinology Interest Group works to bring members of the Endocrinology field to the School of Medicine in order to show students what the field is like. The Interest Group also works with other sub-specialty groups to put together interdisciplinary events.
      Student Leaders:
    • Gastroenterology Sub-specialty
      Some things in this world are so grand and so timeless that they can't be described. This club is not one of those things. The gastroenterology club's purpose is to promote a greater understanding and appreciation of gastroenterology as a specialty as well as exploring health topics that are concerned with gastrointestinal and hepatic health.
      Student Leaders:
    • Geriatrics Sub-specialty
      We explore the subspecialty of geriatric medicine through discussions and dialogue. We also strive to raise awareness of the geriatric population, and the importance of their care in medicine. Past and prospective events include a discussion on healthcare proxies and MOLST forms and a discussion on physiology of aging.
      Student Leaders:
    • Hematology/Oncology Sub-specialty
      The Hematology/Oncology Interest Group exists to expose students to the vast fields of hematology and oncology, through activities such as making a SOM Relay For Life team, initiating a speaker series and journal club on current research, and a cancer treatment competition.
      Student Leaders:
    • Infectious Disease Sub-specialty
      The infectious disease interest group is designed to help spread awareness of interesting topics in immunology, microbiology, and global health. We focus on making the field of infectious disease exciting, and thus immunizing medical students against the fear of it. If you have any interest in learning about AIDS, STIs, mosquito-borne diseases, and much, much more, allow us to be your host.
      Student Leaders:
    • Nephrology Sub-specialty
      Our purpose is to expose interested members to the exciting field of nephrology. Through seminars and workshops, members learn about the latest advancements in the field and about the day to day work life of a nephrologist.
      Student Leaders:
    • Pulmonary Sub-specialty
      To introduce the pulmonary sub-specialty to Hofstra Northwell SOM students, provide education and information on pulmonary medicine, and to foster connections with the pulmonary sub-specialty physicians of the Northwell healthcare system.
      Student Leaders:
    • Rheumatology Sub-specialty
      The rheumatology interest group functions as a part of the larger Internal Medicine interest group. The rheumatology interest group functions to provide events for students which can give them exposure to rheumatology. The rheumatology interest group also functions to help plan events for the larger internal medicine interest group.
      Student Leaders:
    • Neurology Interest Group
      We host events centered around topics in neuroscience, including both clinical and research-based fields. Our goal is to present students interested in neuroscience with more information about how they can develop this interest into a medical career. To this end, we host a variety of events ranging from clinical workshops on neurologic diseases, career panels, and presentations from neuroscience researchers in our health system. Past events include:
      1. Spinal injury event
      2. Careers in Neuroscience panel
      3. Research-focused event with Feinstein neuroscientists

      Affiliated organizations: The American Academy of Neurology's Student Interest Group in Neurology (SIGN)
      Student Leaders:
      Advisers: Dr. Ronald Kanner

    • Ophthalmology
      The ophthalmology interest group functions to provide events for students to increase exposure to this exciting field, which consists of the medical and surgical treatment of diseases related to the eye.

      Student Leaders: 

    • OB/GYN Interest Group
      To foster interest and education in OB/GYN and promote the agenda of the national organization. Past events include:
      1. IUD insertion workshop
      2. Information panel on OB/GYN and subspecialties
      3. Breast exam and breast surgery talk

      Affiliated organizations: American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists
      Student leaders:
      Advisers: Dr. Whyte, Dr. Rabin, Ms. Doyle

    • Pathology Interest Group
      The Pathology Interest Group is dedicated to fostering interest in the field of Pathology. Past events include:
      1. Pathology sub-specialty panel

        Student Leaders:

    • Pediatrics Interest Group
      We organize networking and volunteer opportunities in the field of pediatrics for interested students. Through these efforts, we hope to provide students considering a career in pediatrics with helpful resources within our health system and beyond.
      1. Careers in Pediatrics panel
      2. Teddy Bear Clinic (demonstrating preventive care procedures on teddy bears for pediatric patients)

      Affiliated organizations: American Academy of Pediatrics Medical Student Subcommittee
      Student Leaders:
      Advisers: Dr. Charles Schelein

    • Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Interest Group
      Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (PM&R), Rehabilitation Medicine, and Rehabilitative Medicine are all terms used to describe what a physiatrist does. We are a branch of medicine emphasizing the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of disorders that produce temporary or permanent functional impairment. Past events include:
      1. NYS PM&R Fair/Regional Conference

      Affiliated organizations: American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
      Student Leaders:
      Advisers: Dr. Shaheda Quraishi, Dr. Adam Stein

    • Primary Care Coalition
      To advocate for primary care, to develop leaders for primary care, and to promote collaboration between internal medicine, family medicine, pediatrics, and OB/GYN. Prospective events include:
      1. Annual Primary Care Panel
      2. Gregg Stracks Leadership Summit (Annual primary care conference)

      Affiliated organizations: Primary Care Progress (PCP)
      Student Leaders:
      Advisers: Dr. Lauren Block

    • Psychiatry Interest Group
      The purpose of the Psychiatry interest group is to raise awareness and interest about the specialty and to expose students to the vast number of opportunities in the field. With research, new frontiers in technology, and novel medications and therapeutics being discovered today, the field of Psychiatry has much to explore and the group is aimed at facilitating this exploration. Past events include:
      1. Stress Busters
      2. Autism Awareness Month/speaker
      3. Subspecialist panels

      Affiliated organizations: PsychSIGN
      Student Leaders:
      Advisers: Arya Soman

    • Surgery Coalition
      Surgery and Sub-specialties Coalition aims to expose students to the field of surgery, as well as the subspecialties that one may enter.  We also hope to help build a community between current surgeons and students from all four years to foster interest in surgery and help aspiring surgeons build relationships with mentors.
      1. Panels with surgeons from different specialties
      2. Suture Workshop

      Student Leaders:

    • Orthopedics Sub-specialty
      Outreach for the orthopedic surgery specialty, including opportunities to meet residents and faculty of the Northwell residency program.
      1. Bioskills event
      2. Meeting with the resident board directors

      Student Leaders:

    • Plastic Surgery Sub-specialty
      We explore the field of plastic surgery. We promote interest in the field by hosting events and inviting guest speakers, connecting students with mentors, and fostering professionalism. Prospective events include:
      1. Resident meet day
      2. Suture session

      Student Leaders:

    • Urology Sub-specialty
      The Urology Club explores the many facets of urology, including medical diseases of the urinary tract and male reproductive organs as well as their corresponding surgeries or procedures. One noteworthy event was a presentation by a urologist on robotic radical cystectomy. We have also simulated vasectomies on models and have had Q and A sessions with practicing urologists.
      Student Leaders:
    • Translational Medicine
      The Translational Medicine club is focused on discussing new and upcoming developments in medical science. We aim to integrate basic science research into the clinical curriculum and facilitate discussion around key issues the medical field will be facing in the future. Past events include:
      1. Journal Clubs
      2. Guest Speakers
      3. Ethics Collaboration

      Student Leaders:
      Advisers: Dr. Joel Stern

    • Wilderness Medicine Interest Group
      The Wilderness Medicine Interest Group is designed to provide information and access to Hofstra medical students who are interested in learning about providing medical care in low resource environments. The group's focus is to provide hands-on experiences to students who are interested in working in low resource environments including global health, emergency medicine, and outdoor adventures. The Wilderness Medicine Interest Group stresses hands-on experiences, and preparedness, and access to diverse perspectives on medical care. Past events include:
      1. Mid-Atlantic Wilderness Medicine Conference in Philadelphia
      2. Hiking trips
      3. Rock climbing lessons

      Student Leaders:


    • Art and Medicine
      Art and Medicine
      The purpose of this club is to expand understanding of how art may be used in the practice of medicine. It is also to promote art and passion for the arts at Hofstra and the surrounding communities. Past events include:
      1. Paint Night
      2. Pumpkin Carving
      3. Trips to art exhibitions

      Student Leaders:
      Adviser: Susan M. Caulfield

    • Gaming Club
      We aim to join people together for video games and board games. Past events include:
      1. Board game night
      2. Super Smash Brothers tournament

      Student Leaders:

    • Musicians in Medicine
      We coordinate music events, especially open mic nights and the annual Variety Show. Hofstra SOM is home to so much incredible talent we love to showcase! Past events include:
      1. Variety Show
      2. Open Mic Nights

      Student Leaders:

    • Running Club
      We love running and we love Hofstra Northwell SOM! We hope to bring people together through the joy of running. Whether you are a lifetime runner or just getting started, we would love to see you! Past events include:
      1. Ocean to Sound Relay
      2. Local races throughout the year

      Student Leaders:

    • Swim Club

      Swim Club is all about bringing people together and providing another outlet for SOM students. Every week we have workouts for all swimming levels. As a new club we are continuing to look for new events for everyone to participate with swim clinics and swim competitions making up the majority of events in the past and to come. 

      Student Leaders: 

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