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Navigating Personal Health Insurance

Navigating personal health insurance plans for mental health resources can be a tricky process. has basic information available on choosing a health insurance plan, what’s the difference between plan and network types and what a typical plan would cost.

When navigating your personal health insurance for mental health appointments, talk to an insurance representative about the following questions:

  • Does my plan qualify for coverage for mental health appointments? If so, how many per calendar year?
  • Do I need a referral from my primary care physician to schedule an intake appointment?
  • Will I be charged more for an intake appointment vs. additional appointments?
  • Is there a list of in-network providers available?
  • Am I responsible for submitting any claims after appointments?

Many insurance plans have a list of providers available online, searchable by expertise. Mental health care professionals are no different, but it may take some extra effort to find what they are listed under. Always confirm with a provider that they accept your health insurance, even if your health insurance company has already stated they have.

After you receive care, double check your claim and bill to make sure you were charged appropriately. Do not be afraid to call the provider and/or insurance company to ask questions regarding services provided.

Matriculated medical students are required to have a plan that meets the school’s minimum requirements. Additional information can be obtained when a student is accepted or by contacting the Office of Student Affairs. Students insured under the Student Health Insurance Plan have the option to participate in SilverCloud, a completely confidential internet-based system or platform developed by SilverCloud Health that delivers online therapeutic and psycho-education programs.

Students 'shopping' around for alternate plans are encouraged to use the marketplace as a starting point. To navigate the marketplace for comparable health insurance coverage, visit and use the school zip code for Nassau county or your personal zip code.