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Second 100 Weeks

Second 100 Weeks (Years 3 & 4)

The Second 100 Weeks is composed of the third and fourth years of the educational program. During the third year, students rotate through paired clerkships in Internal Medicine/Surgery, Pediatrics/Ob/Gyn, and Neurology/Psychiatry to integrate related basic and clinical sciences, in both inpatient and ambulatory settings. During the fourth year, students complete three required acting internships in medicine, pediatrics, surgery, critical care, family practice, and emergency medicine. These experiences take place at three tertiary hospital campuses in New York City and Long Island - Lenox Hill HospitalNorth Shore University Hospital and Long Island Jewish Medical Center, which includes Cohen Children's Medical Center and Zucker Hillside Psychiatric Hospital

Curriculum overview

Curriculum overview

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Years 3 & 4

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