Student Finance


Please submit signed/completed forms to the Office of Student Finance.

Note: MS4s who wish to submit a request to increase their cost of attendance to include expenses associated with away rotations and/or residency interviews, please contact the Office of Student Finance.


Students may submit this form to increase, decrease, or cancel their student loans.

Loan Adjustment Request

Students who wish to appeal their financial aid offer due to a change in financial circumstances may submit this form along with supporting documents as outlined in the instructions on the appeal form. If you do not have a significant change in financial circumstances but wish to be considered for the North Shore-LIJ Health loan only, you may also submit this form, completing Section 3. 

Institutional financial aid (scholarship / North Shore-LIJ Health loan) granted based on appeal is only valid for the aid year in which you submitted the appeal. It is not renewable. An appeal must be submitted each year for reconsideration by the August 15th deadline. All requests will be formally reviewed after the deadline and determinations will be made by September 30th, unless otherwise notified.

Appeal requests will not be considered based on circumstances that include but are not limited to:

  • a parent's unwillingness to contribute or complete financial aid applications
  • high consumer debt
  • a sibling's private elementary or secondary school or post-secondary or graduate school costs
  • expenses that have not yet occurred
  • divorce or separation of parents

Submitting a financial aid appeal does not guarantee institutional aid will be offered. Appeals are granted based upon completed applications received and the availability of funding.

Financial Aid Appeal Request

Students who have incurred additional costs during the academic year that are not included in the standard cost of attendance may submit this form.

Cost of Attendance Adjustment Request

Students who do not have contact with their parent(s) due to certain situations/circumstances may submit this form requesting parent(s) financial information to be waived.

Parent Information Waiver Request

Students who borrow a private student loan must submit this form to their lender.  The lender will provide it to you as part of the application process. Students are strongly encouraged to consider federal loans first and understand federal versus private loans.

Private Student Loan Self-Certification

To complete the form, you will need your cost of attendance and your financial aid award information:

If you need assistance or have questions, please contact the Office of Student Finance at Zucker School of Medicine by Email or call 516-463-7523.