Policy on

Attendance and Punctuality in the FOW

The Zucker School of Medicine highly values engagement through active participation in all educational and patient care activities. Attendance and punctuality are essential ingredients to building a collaborative learning environment. Engagement in both large and small group sessions enhances personal edification and provides opportunities to learn collaboratively with peers and faculty and contribute to the education of the entire community. Attendance and punctuality are therefore expected at all curricular sessions.

The ZSOM recognizes there may be times when students will be unable to attend class due to health issues, religious observance, compelling family or other extenuating circumstances. On these occasions, students must notify the school in advance of an absence by completing the Absence Reporting Form for any sessions that will be missed. 

The student is also responsible for notifying their faculty facilitator of an absence or lateness in advance of any course component small group sessions (PEARLS, PPS, Structure, Physical Diagnosis, Clinical Learning, etc.) and notifying their ICE preceptor, if the absence or lateness will affect a scheduled ICE session. Failure to notify faculty and/or ICE preceptors may be noted in the student’s conscientiousness professionalism tracker. 

Students are responsible for all work and assignments associated with missed sessions.  

Students will be required to meet with associate dean for professionalism and doctoring skills after missing, or being late to, a critical percentage of sessions in which attendance and punctuality are tracked during a course component (please see course syllabus for details). Students with continued absences or lateness after an initial meeting with associate dean for professionalism and doctoring skills, and/or in serial courses, will be referred to the Professionalism Committee.

The school may require a doctor’s note for absences in certain situations.

Please refer to the Policy on Examinations for absences during Reflection, Integration and Assessment (RIA) Weeks. 

References to Regulations and/or Other Related Policies:
Guidelines Related to Absences for Religious Observances
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Last Updated: May 2023