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Policy on Reassessment

If a student receives a temporary designation of Conditional Pass for a course, the student must reassess by a repeating an examination and/or by rectifying unsatisfactory assignments or coursework, as applicable. A plan and timeline for reassessment must be developed in consultation with the course director(s).

If a student receives a temporary designation of Conditional Pass for multiple courses within the same level of training, the student may be brought to the Student Advancement Committee for consideration of required remediation.

If reassessment is successful, a student will earn a passing grade for the course. If reassessment does not take place within the time specified in the reassessment plan and timeline developed by the course director(s), or if reassessment is unsuccessful, the student will receive a final grade of Fail and must remediate (repeat and pass) the course.

Students who must undergo reassessment for any first-year course must do so during the summer following the first year, following the completion of Continuity and Change: Homeostasis and prior to August 15th. Any CPR reassessments must be completed by the end of the second week in July.

Students who must undergo reassessment for any second-year course except Transitions must do so either immediately following the winter break during the second year or following the completion of The Human Condition. All reassessments for second-year courses except Transitions must be completed and passed prior to taking USMLE Step 1.

Students who must reassess a grading element in a core clerkship or acting internship are not eligible to earn a final grade of Honors for that course.

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Last Updated: June 2018

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