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Academic Success

Degrees and Dual Degrees

MD Degree

This fully-integrated curriculum enables students to apply medical science to the care of patients from the beginning of their medical education and throughout their educational program. More

MD/PhD Degree

Students enrolled in the MD/PhD program complete the MD curriculum, as well as three longitudinal seminar courses in Critical Readings, Research Methodologies and Bioinformatics. More

PhD Degree

The purposes of the PhD program in the Molecular Basis of Medicine is to train a diverse cadre of individuals in the performance of biomedical, translational and clinical research. More

MD/MPH Degree

In fall 2012, the University began a Master of Public Health degree program which is housed within the new School of Health Sciences and Human Services. Matriculated students are offered the opportunity to spend an additional year at the School of Medicine to obtain a joint MD/MPH degree. Any matriculated MD, MD/PhD, or PhD student in the Molecular Basis of Medicine training program who is in good academic standing is eligible to apply and will be offered admission to the MPH program without further academic screening. More