Student Affairs

Frequently Asked Questions

For general questions about the academic year, please refer to the Academic Calendar. For a schedule of class meetings per year, please refer to the left-hand menu on the Office of Career Advising page


Please refer to the Attendance Policies for the First 100 Weeks and Second 100 Weeks.  A link to the absence reporting form can be found on the Attendance Policies page or the forms page.


Information about billing, deadlines, and disbursement can be found on the Zucker School of Medicine website under the Office of Student Finance.

Conferences and Funding Application

The Office of Student Affairs has a Conference Funding and Attendance Guideline. Please fill out the form noted in the policy to be considered for this funding. Applications are reviewed and approved on a weekly basis.

When planning for a conference, it’s important to consider a few logistical details such as available dates, resources, and legal agreements . In addition, students must obtain prior approval before submitting a bid for any conference. Please schedule an appointment with the Office of Student Affairs and review these points prior to see if your organization is eligible.

Emergency Response Plan

The Office of Student Affairs encourages all students to make themselves familiar with the different sites they will rotate through and both Hofstra University and Northwell Health's emergency response plans. The School of Medicine buildings are located on Hofstra University's campus and Hostra's Emergency Response Planis available on their website. Students are strongly encouraged to wear their medical school ID cards at all times while present in the building. Fire drills and active shooter response workshops will be held throughout the academic year and advertised to the student body.

Event Planning

Current student leaders should visit the Event Management page on the Student Council website to start planning their event.


Links to updated versions of most student forms can be found by visiting the Student Forms page  on the Student Life section of the Zucker School of Medicine website.

Health Compliance, Appointments, and Flu Shots

The Office of Student Records coordinates an annual flu shot clinic at the SOM. An email will be sent out from in late September/early October with details on the date and how to sign up for a flu shot.

To schedule an appointment for your annual compliance, follow up, or receive a flu shot, please call Employee Health Services (EHS) at (718) 470-5350. Please identify that you are a current medical student and bring identification with you to all appointments.
To request a copy of your medical records, please email and copy

To submit documents for your health compliance (such as TB results), email and copy

Please upload documentation containing proof of Influenza vaccination to the Employee Health Portal. Once this documentation has been approved by  Employee Health Services, you will receive an email notification and will be given the option to either pick up your flu badge from the Office of Student Affairs or have one mailed to you. Please note that the declination of the vaccine is also completed in the portal. 

Questions regarding access to the Employee Health Portal, or any additional questions related to this process should be directed to:

PPD readings can be done during annual health compliance visits, at Hofstra’s Wellness Center (with an appointment), at Employee Health Services (with an appointment), or by any clinician who has been trained. We suggest that whoever attests to this documentation be a practicing clinician and not be a Zucker School of Medicine faculty member to avoid conflicts of interest.

The Office of Student Affairs links to a list of recommended physicians for both physicians and mental health services each week at the bottom of  each class council’s weekly email under “Student Support Services.” Please contact the Office of Student Affairs if you cannot locate these services.

Lost ID Cards

Current students who have lost their Hofstra ID should obtain a new card by Campus Access and Security Systems Office in the Hofstra Student Center. There is a fee for lost ID cards and students will need their license to obtain a new one. Current students are expected to have their Zucker School of Medicine ID cards on them at all times.


For more information about insurance, visit the Student Health Insurance Requirements page.  Information on the current Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) offered by Hofstra University can be found here.If you decide to enroll in this plan, please fill out this form.  For any other questions please contact the Office of Student Affairs.

Northwell Access(Second 100 Weeks)

Current students can visit the Northwell Security Office at 1991 Marcus Ave, Suite 301 in Lake Success to get a new ID. Hours are 9 AM - 3 PM. Please call beforehand (516) 472-6034 to make an appointment and let them know you are a current medical student. Please bring your medical student ID, a letter of enrollment, and a driver’s license with you to the appointment. To obtain a letter of enrollment, please reach out to the Office of Student Records

Virtual  Portal access is granted for students participating in summer research or at  the beginning of your third year. If you are a current student participating in  summer research, please email  If you are beginning your third year and need  help with access, please email

In order to change your name with both Hofstra University and Northwell, please visit the Student Records website and fill out the appropriate form. Unfortunately, at this point, neither Hofstra University or Northwell will be able to change your email addresses. Display names on your ID badges and portals will be updated to reflect your new name in both institutions. Please plan to obtain a new Northwell and SOM ID badge. Please allow 5-7 business days for these changes to take place.

New Student Inquiries

Congratulations! We’re excited to welcome you to the Zucker School of Medicine community. Please log on to your my.hofstra portal to view the pre-matriculation requirements (released in March and updated through July). These items may include but are not limited to orientation dates, registration authorization, health requirements, insurance requirements, housing and more. The Office of Student Affairs will also send correspondence to your personal email and your Hofstra Pride email to notify you of upcoming deadlines.

Please note that all financial aid forms, health forms, or other personally identifiable information should be sent using the instructions provided on your portal.  These documents must be uploaded through a secure data collection platform.

If you have any questions about this information, please contact us by calling (516) 463-7347 or emailing

 The  Zucker School of Medicine does not allow students to matriculate while maintaining active matriculation in another degree-granting institution. If you are currently enrolled in a degree-granting program, we suggest that you defer completion until the summer between your first and second years of medical school or confirm program completion prior to your arrival. During those free months,  you are free to matriculate as a student in another institution and complete it by the time your second year starts. If you have additional concerns, please reach out to our office.

The  Office of Student Affairs requires that students send a completed transcript  prior to their matriculation. We understand that some institutions may require  several weeks to process this information and suggest you request this early.  Digital versions can be sent directly to

If  you think the transcript will not be sent in on time, please email  to let us know.

Yes,  even if you plan on completing your pre-matriculation health requirements with a personal care physician, your forms need to be filled out and submitted.  Please fill these out by the due date and send them to the email listed on the form.

Please put “Zucker School of Medicine Health Insurance” or provide the carrier and group name if it is available to you.

No, you can leave this blank or put your home address and update it upon your arrival.

There are several health insurance plan requirements that a personal plan must meet in order to be accepted.  Details of these requirements can be found here.  If you have comparable coverage elsewhere, you must complete a student health insurance waiver process by the end of July.  Any students who does not receive an accepted waiver will automatically be enrolled and billed for Hofstra University Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP).   Information on how to waive the SHIP Plan will be provided on your portal when the waiver period is active

Please log onto your myHofstra portal and review the information in the Pre-Work Requirements (posted in July), including a letter from the Office of Curriculum  Support, a textbook list and supply list.

The scrubs are your own personal pair to use in our Structure lab. The scrub sizes are unisex and tend to run large (approximately 2 sizes up). The temperature in the Structure Lab is normally cold and you are permitted to wear layers underneath your scrubs. Please take this into account when ordering sizes.
EMT uniforms are unisex. EMT shirts are a short sleeve, button down shirt and will have to be tucked into your pants during the shift. EMT pants sit high at your natural waist. Please refer to the EMT forms for references.

The Office of Residence Life is pleased to offer a comfortable living environment geared towards meeting the diverse needs of our medical students. All medical students who wish to reside on campus live in the Graduate Residence Hall. The Graduate Residence Hall is a five-story residential facility composed of 58 fully furnished suites. Some suites offer three, or four single bedrooms, while other suites have two double bedrooms where students share a bedroom with a roommate. For more information about living on campus please visit

The Office of Student Affairs has provided several resources (listed on your myHofstra portal) to find available living spaces off campus. In addition, your class Facebook page is a place where roommates have found each other prior to matriculation. The Office of Student Affairs can provide general guidance about the rental process on Long Island. The Office of Student Finance is available to discuss budgeting and what works for your personal financial situation.

Additional information on Hofstra’s insurance plan effective 8/1/2021 will be released over the summer when Hofstra University confirms its contract with the insurance carrier. We anticipate this information will be available around July 1st.  The current healthcare plan can be viewed here.  This will be the plan that you will use for July 2021.  New plan coverage begins on August 1st. Plan coverage and rates subject to change from the current plan for the 2021-2022 academic year. If you decide to enroll in our plan, please fill out this form. Please put your NY address if available; if not, we will ask you to update this after you arrive.

Yes, we are aware that your MCAT scores are still pending but would like to collect your information. Please submit your pre-matriculation information (listed on your myHofstra portal) on time. In addition, we suggest that you delay larger expenses, such as supplies, textbooks and laptop purchases until your enrollment is confirmed

Students travel between different site locations as part of the educational experience as soon as the first year of medical school.

Please review the transportation policy found here. Hofstra University offers campus shuttles and ZipCars. Shuttle schedules and train information can be found here.

Students are required to have a valid driver’s license.  You will be asked to upload this information on your portal.

Your  Northwell ID will be distributed by the Office of Student Affairs upon matriculation. Students will receive access to park in the employee parking lots at certain Northwell sites.

Poster Printing

The  Office of Student Affairs will print posters for approved student conferences at no cost to the student. Please email a final version of your poster in PDF format to two weeks prior to the date needed.

Registrar Requests

Please visit the Student Records website and fill out the appropriate form. Email the Zucker School of Medicine Registrar ( for any questions or concerns. Please note that these requests normally take about 72 hours.

Instructions for USMLE Step 1 registration can be found on the Student Records website.

Instructions for USMLE Step 2 registration can be found on the Student Records website.

White Coat

If you would like to order a new or additional white coat, please email with your white coat size and if you would prefer a male or female coat. Additional coats cost $30.00. Orders can be paid for in cash or personal check, made out to Hofstra University. Orders take approximately 3 weeks to be delivered.
Please keep in mind that students will receive two additional coats when they transition to their third year. One coat will be personalized with your name and the other will only include the ZSOM and Northwell logo.