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Policy on Grading for Selectives and Electives in the

Second 100 Weeks

Students earn a final grade of Pass or Fail or a temporary designation of Conditional Pass in each of the selectives and electives (“courses”) after completion of the two- or four-week experience.

Grading Elements:

Students earn a designation of Meets Expectations, Meets Expectations with Recommendations, or Does Not Meet Expectations on each of the grading elements listed below, as applicable, which is based upon a pre-specified standard.

  1. Clinical Assessment of Student
  2. Professionalism Assessment
Final Grade: Pass

A final grade of Pass is determined by standards pre-specified by the standard setting committee.

Temporary Designation: Conditional Pass

If a student earns a grade of Does Not Meet Expectations on one or more grading element(s) in the course but the student does not meet criteria to fail the course, as set by the standard setting committee, the student will earn a temporary designation of Conditional Pass and will be required to reassess the grading elements that did not meet the passing standard to earn credit towards advancement or graduation requirements. For more information on reassessment requirements and procedures, please refer to the Policy on Reassessment.

Final Grade: Fail

If a student earns a final grade of Fail, the student will not earn credit towards advancement or graduation requirements.

Professionalism Assessment

The Professionalism Assessment includes:

  1. Punctuality and attendance
  2. Timely completion of assignments and evaluations
  3. Professional etiquette in all forms of communication

If a student earns a Meets Expectations with Recommendations or Does Not Meet Expectations on the Professionalism Assessment in more than one course, it can affect a student's eligibility for conference funding, the AOA/Gold Honor Societies, and/or result in a notation on the Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE). 

References to Regulations and/or Other Related Policies:
Policy on Academic Advancement and Graduation
Policy on Academic Standing
Policy on the Composition and Authority of the Student Advancement Committee
Policy on Reassessment
Transcript Guidelines

Last Updated: May 2020

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