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Policy on Grading for Transitions in the First 100 Weeks

Students receive a final grade in Transitions after completing the two-week block prior to the first trimester of the Advanced Clinical Experience (ACE). 

Grading Components:

The following components contribute to a student's grade in Transitions:

  1. Timely completion of evaluations
  2. Timely completion of assignments
  3. Attendance

Final Grade:

The final grade for Transitions is Pass or Fail, and is determined by a pre-specified criterion-based rubric.

In the first attempt of the course, if a student receives a final grade of Fail, the student must remediate (repeat and pass) the entire course to advance to the next year of training, and may be granted the opportunity to do so by the Student Advancement Committee.

In the second attempt of the course, if a student receives a Fail on one or more components, the student will receive a final course grade of Fail and will be considered for immediate dismissal by the Student Advancement Committee.

If a student receives a temporary designation of Conditional Pass, the student must re-assess to earn a final grade and to be eligible for advancement or graduation.

References to Regulations and/or Other Policies:
Policy on Academic Advancement and Graduation
Policy on the Composition and Authority of the Student Advancement Committee
Policy on Re-Assessment
Transcript Guidelines

Last Updated: April 2018

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