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Initial Clinical Experience

The Initial Clinical Experience (ICE) allows first and second year medical students to complement their classroom learning with 'hands-on' experience working with patients for one full afternoon each week.

The ICE experience is unique because students develop longitudinal relationships over two years with both preceptors and patients, and through these relationships, learning occurs.

ICE experiences are designed to be coordinated temporally with the integrated science curricular content and themes as frequently as possible. For example, during week 8 of the Biologic Imperative (second course of the first year curriculum), while learning about amenorrhea, pregnancy, lactation, and how to obtain a sexual history, students attend Ob/Gyn ICE in the afternoon where they have an opportunity to apply their learning to real patient encounters.


Each individual student is paired with five discipline-specific, physician faculty preceptors in the following core disciplines: general medicine (internal medicine or family medicine), surgery, pediatrics, obstetrics-gynecology and psychiatry.

ICE ambulatory practices are all part of Northwell Health and students are assigned to one of the following sites: Long Island Jewish Valley Stream, Glen Cove Hospital, Huntington Hospital, Plainview Hospital, ProHealth, South Nassau Communities Hospital, and Southside Hospital.