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December 2019: Twelve tips on how to provide self-regulated learning (SRL) enhanced feedback on clinical performance

July 2019: Twelve tips for the introduction of emotional intelligence in medical education

September 2019: Twelve tips for conducting educational design research in medical education

July 2019: Twelve tips for the introduction of emotional intelligence in medical education

March 2018: Twelve tips for teaching brief motivational interviewing to medical students

February 2018: Twelve tips to promote a feedback culture with a growth mind-set: Swinging the feedback pendulum from recipes to relationships

June 2017: Twelve tips for medical students to make the best use of ward-based learning

May 2017: Twelve tips for the implementation of EPAs for assessment and entrustment decisions

November 2016: Twelve tips for incorporating educational theory into teaching practices

June 2016: Twelve tips on writing abstracts and titles: How to get people to use and cite your work.

February 2016: Twelve tips for getting your manuscript published
Six laws of Learning

July 2015: Twelve tips for teaching evidence-based physical examination

April 2015; Twelve tips for increasing transfer of training from faculty development programs

December 2014: Twelve tips for teaching with ultrasound in the undergrad curriculum

October 2014: Twelve tips for a successful interprofessional team-based high-fidelity simulation education session

June 2014: Twelve Tips for using social media as a Medical Educator

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