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Your unique network ID (normally consists of h7xx or  some form of departmental abbreviation and the faculty member’s initials) and password provides you with access to a variety of computer systems throughout the University.

Network Accounts are intended to provide members of Hofstra University community students, staff, and faculty with basic access to Hofstra University Network academic and administrative software applications and Internet services, including electronic mail, the portal and other information services via World-Wide Web. Your account provides a set of the most popular software tools for these purposes. They allow authorized users to access sensitive information, which may be protected by laws such as FERPA and HIPAA. It is each user's responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of their network ID and password.

  1. Network Password - To help maintain the security of your information, you should change your network password periodically. You may change your password as often as you like, but you are required to change it at least once every six months.
  2. Creating a Strong Password - The first and simplest step to secure computing is the use of a strong password. Strong passwords are difficult for hackers to determine and are not based on dictionary words or phrases.

    Your new password must conform to the following guidelines:

    • Your password must use at least eight (8) characters, but can't contain more than thirty-two (32) characters. Macintosh users must set passwords at exactly eight (8) characters.
    • You must use at least one (1) numeral in your password. A number can't start or end the password.
    • Your password must include at least one (1) special character (Banner Users see below). Some sample special characters include: ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) + _ , = . ? /
    • Banner users must select from the following characters: ! % + _ . - *
    • Do not use a space as a character in your password.
    • Passwords must be unique. You may not reuse passwords you have used in the past.
    • Passwords are case-sensitive, so capital and lowercase letters used in your password must be typed in the same case each time you enter it.
  3. Password Expiration - Your network password will automatically expire 180 days from the date it was last changed. Prior to expiration, you will receive several e-mail reminders informing you that your password needs to be changed. To avoid losing access to the Hofstra University network, you will want to change your password in advance of the expiration date.

    If you don't change your password before it expires, you will be given 10 grace logins to allow you to do so. If you don't change your password before you use up these grace logins, you will no longer be able to access Hofstra network services, including the Portal, GroupWise e-mail, Hofstra Online Information System and the University's Novell network. Once your password has expired, you'll need to contact the Help Desk at (516) 463-7777 in order to gain access to the Self-Service Password System.
  4. Self-Service Password System - Hofstra University has implemented a Self-Service Password System (available online at ) to allow you to change or reset an expired password from any location with an Internet connection by entering your Network ID, Hofstra ID, Social Security and date of birth.
    • Navigate to the Self-Service Password System. If you're using a Mac, you can download the latest version of the Firefox Web browser.
    • Login to the system by entering your network ID, Hofstra ID, Social Security Number and date of birth in the appropriate fields and then click VERIFY
    • Enter your NEW password following the password guidelines listed above
    • Click Submit

    Once you receive a confirmation page letting you know that your password was successfully saved, close all open Web browsers to finalize the changes.

  5. Limitations of the Hofstra Network Account
    In order to provide the best possible service to the large community of Hofstra University Network users, the following limitations have been placed on the configuration and use of each Hofstra Network Account:
    • Network Accounts are intended solely for the account holder's access to resources on the Hofstra University Network and their e-mail. Users of the network must therefore agree that, under no circumstance, will they allow other individuals to access these resources via their accounts. Furthermore, you will not provide to others Hofstra University Network access (e.g. Modem pool) to information services via your computer system.
    • A uniform quota of system disk space is allotted to each user to hold account configuration files, web site files, personal files and electronic mail; individual disk quotas cannot be changed.
    • Hofstra University's intention is to provide a uniform set of tools that are of interest to all users of the Hofstra University Network system. Users may not install additional application software or utilities in their Hofstra University Network disk space, whether for their own or others' use.
    • Network accounts will be deactivated and removed when an account holder's affiliation with Hofstra University ends.
    • Your Hofstra network connection is for the use of the account holder. Under no circumstance will you allow other individuals to access the HOFSTRA NETWORK via your account.
    • Users are not to run any services (i.e. web servers, HTTP servers, file servers, DNS servers, DHCP servers, FTP services, list servers, publish MP3/4s, publish files via generic file services, etc.) via this HOFSTRA NETWORK connection. This connection is not for commercial use (including, but not limited to nonprofit services that are not University sponsored).
  6. Acceptable Use of the Hofstra Network - Use of Hofstra University computing resources by unauthorized individuals is strictly prohibited. Although the University does not as a matter of policy monitor the system for content, you should be aware that in special circumstances and for limited purposes, the University may examine certain files and archives. In addition, the University may be compelled to respond to subpoenas and other legal demands for information about system usage. Therefore, users should not have an expectation of complete privacy.

    Please also be advised that the University requires compliance with applicable federal, state and local laws, including copyright, export and re-export laws, as a condition to system use. Except as expressly permitted, users shall not alter, delete or modify any attributions included within any hosted services. Users further agree not to engage in any activity that interferes with or disrupts the services, servers or networks provided. Google e-mail account users shall comply with the terms and conditions set forth by Google in connection with those e-mail services. For more information on the civil and criminal penalties for violations of Federal copyright laws, click here.

    The programs you can access on the Hofstra network may contain CONFIDENTIAL information protected by various federal, state and local laws including, but not limited to, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), the Financial Services Modernization Act of 1999 (Gramm Leach Bliley), Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA), and the New York Education Laws. All users are cautioned to take appropriate measures to protect the privacy and integrity of this information and to refrain from engaging in any misuse or unauthorized disclosure of this information.

    Responsibilities of All Hofstra Computer and Network Users as well as Policy Violations and their consequences are provided on the following Web page.

  7. Email Accounts

    Please be aware that only paid Hofstra faculty members will be provided with a Hofstra e-mail address. If you are paid Hofstra faculty, your network ID and password are the same as your e-mail username and password. Your network ID and password are also the same as your Novell network login. Your email address is Microsoft Outlook is the faculty and staff e-mail system at Hofstra. Microsoft Outlook allows employees of Hofstra University to stay in contact with each other through its integrated address book. In addition, Microsoft Outlook provides other functions, including reminder notes, tasks, or appointments to other users of the Microsoft Outlook system.

  8. E-mail: Remote Access
    • Go to Web address (Hofstra University Portal)
    • Log into the Portal using your network ID and password.
    • Click the e-mail button.