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Second Year Programs

As students return from summer break and begin their second year of medical school, the Office of Student Affairs helps students in their transition to upperclassmen. Second year students enter a new phase of medical school as many student chose to enter leadership roles in extracurricular groups. In addition, the academic year is short, coursework is dense and culminates in students taking the first step of their USMLE Board Certifications.

Programs available for second year include:

  • Professionalism
  • Giving Constructive Feedback (Y2Q Focus) (hosted with the Offices of Academic Success & Assessment)
  • Reminder of Student Resources (hosted with the following offices: Career Advisement, Academic Success, Diversity and Inclusion, Respectful Culture, Counseling and Physician Resource Network)
  • Faculty Council Career Nights (hosted with Faculty Affairs)
  • Preparing for Step 1 (hosted with the Office of Academic Success)
  • Balance and Step 1 (hosted with the Office of Academic Success)
  • Managing the Curbside Consult
  • Loss, Death & Dying (hosted with Associate Dean for Second 100 Weeks)
  • Counseling Access: For Patients, Physicians & You
  • On the Floors: Managing Expectations (hosted with Associate Dean for Second 100 Weeks, Respectful Culture & Career Advisement)
  • Student Panel: What to Expect