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Fourth Year Programs

The final year of medical school is spent preparing for residency and honing in on specialty choice. The finality of the undergraduate portion of medical education along with applications, interviews and transitioning to residency can make fourth year of medical school a rollercoaster ride for many students. In addition, this is the first year in which students will not be with a cohort of their peers during rotations, as individual schedules vary throughout the year.

Programs available for fourth year students include:

  • Interview Tips & Tricks (hosted with Career Advising & departmental program directors)
  • Mock Interview Workshop (hosted with Dr. Smith & Career Advising)
  • Faculty Council Career Nights (hosted with Faculty Affairs)
  • NRMP Session (hosted with Career Advising)
  • Transition to Residency: Financial Preparation, Graduate Questionnaire & Alumni Affairs (hosted with Student Finance and Alumni Affairs)
  • Graduate Exit Session